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​Beethoven's Wig

Someone has stolen Beethoven’s wig, and has put it in one of four locked boxes. The boxes are numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 from left to right. There are four keys for each box, each a different color. Use the clues below to figure out which key goes in which box and where the wig is being kept.


  1. The green key goes to the third or fourth box.

  2. The wig is to the left of the fourth box.

  3. The wig is to the right of the first box.

  4. The yellow key is to the left of the wig.

  5. The blue key is to the right of the yellow key and to the left of the green key.

  6. The red key goes to the first box.

Where is Beethoven’s wig, and which key should you use?



Beethoven’s wig:

Wig in 3rd box

Red key in box 1

Yellow key in box 2

Blue key in box 3

Green key in box 4

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